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About Varied / Hobbyist Core Member Pam Hage25/Female/Netherlands Recent Activity
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Personal favourites

The Hunter In The Sky by queenofeagles
Just a face... by queenofeagles
Dawnfire by queenofeagles
The gentleman by queenofeagles
There is stuff growing in my hair... (coloured) by queenofeagles
Last Light by queenofeagles
Ressurrection Dance by queenofeagles
Little Ugly by queenofeagles
Altair (repainted) by queenofeagles
I only wanted to draw that earcuff... by queenofeagles
The Juggler by queenofeagles
Dynaisajia by queenofeagles
Free commission - Brymm by queenofeagles
Witte Wieven - Myths and Legends Contest by queenofeagles
Gamble? by queenofeagles
Dinner Time by queenofeagles
request - Wilbart by queenofeagles

Made for me

Orion test (Daily Art #17) by Eol42
[Gift] Semi-Chibi Batch 01 by Vixenkiba
Lienne's Jester Outfit by keokotheshadowfang
Lienne's Street Performance by keokotheshadowfang
Lienne Nouveau Card by keokotheshadowfang
Contest prize, handmade sterling silver pendant by seralune
Quick sketch gifts | Featherys by Featherys
Elf Wishlist 2016 - gifts by LauraPex
Warm Up Gift Sketches by keokotheshadowfang
Psst.. Got something for ye! by Eleynah
All The Japes by fluoroid
Chistmas Elf by K-naille
Chibi Comm Rain by Lady-Abbington
Selanji Mystery Outfit by keokotheshadowfang
Selanji sketchpage by keokotheshadowfang
Selanji's Nouveau Card by keokotheshadowfang
Selanji- nil se'n la by keokotheshadowfang
Selanji by keokotheshadowfang
Rain by keokotheshadowfang
Elf Gift- Orion and Morgan by keokotheshadowfang
Goretober is long gone... by keokotheshadowfang
Orion and Morgan - papercraft by K-naille
Orion Mystery Outfit by keokotheshadowfang
Gift:  Orion by Nuwer-Designs
Dapper Orion by keokotheshadowfang
Red | Featherys by Featherys
Little Owl by Bilongui
I am the Greatest Sorcerer Ever! by cochineal-comic
Sketchy Prizes by Uinn
Randomness XXXVIIII | Featherys by Featherys
Orion | Featherys by Featherys
Queen of Pheonix by K-naille
Orion by Amarna
What the...? by TheStarlightPrincess
'Totoro with little bell', Birthday gift by seralune
Watcher Headshots by keokotheshadowfang
'Elven whisper', handmade sterling silver earcuff by seralune
'Giveaway prize' sterling silver pendant by seralune
Queenofeagles' Lienne by Lady-Abbington
ORION v i n t a g e by J-amesT
ORION by J-amesT
Val YCH: Lienne by keokotheshadowfang
Val 1: Lienne by keokotheshadowfang
Little Wyvern by Diterkha
Raffle- QueenofEagles by keokotheshadowfang
.:PC:. Unique's Fabulousness by MariiCreations93
Christmas Gift - Something Romantic by Eleynah
Selanji by Shottis
How to train your Dragon - NOT LIKE THIS! by Eleynah
Trade with Queenofeagles! by Bilongui
Orion by Bilongui
art trade : Morgan and Orion by Uinn
Commission : Orion by Jolly-Jessie
PC: Draghen by Azcazach
[CM] Morgan by Vixenkiba
Cm: Chibi Orion by Vixenkiba
~Crossover~  A fair exchange? by Eleynah
Orion by Azcazach
Her Majesty- Queen of Eagles by Deviant-Soulmates
Queen of Eagles by patbunNF
PC: Nox by Azcazach
Queen-of-Eagles-Logo by IrianWhitefox
Commission for QueenofEagles by Vixenkiba
Eagle queen- art trade by Otterwillow
Uniek Alicorn Trade by DablurArt

Can I have your vote? 

10 deviants said :D:D:D:D:D:D
4 deviants said Your vote matters ;)
3 deviants said My short story BITE ME got shortlisted for the Dutch Comic Con's fantastic story competition.
2 deviants said…
No deviants said A jury picked the ten best stories, but the public has to vote for the #1!
No deviants said Please go to the Comic Con site, read the stories and pick a favourite!
No deviants said I'm already super happy I got this far!




I'm holding a contest to celebrate my 777th watcher! The theme is simple: draw or write about one of my characters from my story, but it has to fit a certain scene...

There will be seven winners, each getting 777 points! That's 5439 points in total!

Go here for more information:



Thank you very much for visiting my page! Don't be afraid of the weird little things you might encounter here - enjoy this place and have fun!




queenofeagles has started a donation pool!
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These points will go to the winners of my 777 contest. Donate, and you are worthy of the title 'supe rawesome friendly person who is friendly and super awesome and deserves hugs for all eternity'!

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About aSoE


You will come across those seemingly random letters quite a lot if you go through my gallery. 'A State of Equilibrium', or simply 'aSoE', is a fantasy story I'm working on. It follows the adventures of rather ordinary people: a group of street artists plus the local thief. An army hunting for evil magic roams their homeland - and goes after them. They'll learn that army is not as holy as it claims to be...


Do you want to read exclusive chapters, give feedback or simply drop by for tea and cookies? Join my reading corner! It is a cosy little tavern just out of town, where fanatic critics and quiet word addicts meet to read. I keep all my chapters there, so new the ink is still wet. Want to know more? Klick HERE!

About me


I'm Pam, I live in the Netherlands and I absolutely adore fantasy. I guess my artwork shows it. I draw, craft and write about it - I can't stick to a single medium. I do other things as well: I’m a devilstick juggler -go google that if you don’t know what it is, you will not be disappointed! My other hobby is archery, also incredibly awesome. Oh, and I like reading and playing a tabletop game or DnD once in a while.

Well, that's it I guess. Don't be afraid to talk to me - I like having a chat.


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Anipzis Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Whoaa, your arts are mighty amazing Wow!
You're so good in digital, traditional, writing, crafting, etc. Literally everything. You're so amazing!

You're really inspiring me. Keep doing what you're doing! :love:
queenofeagles Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Sorry for the late reply, but thank you so much! You make me blush... :blush: 
If it helps: it is not that hard to be a jack of all trades. Crafting helps you understand shapes, which helps you understand drawing, and drawing helps you understand characters/places, which helps you understand writing... It's just a bit time-consuming though to do it all ^^;
Anipzis Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Aw, i wonder how you managed to do it all. I see you're MSc student? You must be very busy :shakefist:
I think managing time is pretty hard, when you wanted to balance with school and hobbies. Is it that hard actually? :confused:
queenofeagles Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm doing a PhD right now, that's even worse for my free time :') it's fun though, and I get to see places all over the world :D

Yeah, it is hard to juggle school and hobbies. And often when you do have free time, you don't have the energy for doing a hobby anymore. Or at least, writing costs me a lot of energy, because you need to think so much about stupid little details. I find drawing or crafting easier while being almost braindead ;)
(1 Reply)
haijinik Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2017  Student Writer
thanks fpr all the haiga :+fav:s! pleae let my collaborators know you liked our work!
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